Conditions of sale

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Office de Tourisme : BP 114 - Rue Tourny - F 24203 SARLAT Cedex.
Local tourism body operating under arrêté préfectoral n° AU024960001
Financial guarantee:  30 490  Banque Populaire Sarlat
Civil professional insurance liability:
AXA COURTAGE - 26, rue Louis-Le Grand - 75002 Paris
Prices shown in the brochure are weekly and for the maximum persons staying. All prices are inclusive of the following : electricity 8 kwh (per day). Water consumption, Gas. A reservation is confirmed by payment of a deposit of 25% of the cost of the stay (including a booking fee). There is a cancellation insurance available (2 % of total cost). Please confirm the reservation by returning a copy of the contract within 10 days of it being sent to the Tourist Office. Payment can be made by Visa, bankers cheque (euros).
Not less than 30 days before the start of the stay, the client pays the agreed balance due to the Tourist Office. Any stay not paid for by the due date is considered cancelled and re-offered for sale. Late application (i.e. less than 30 days in advance) necessitates payment in full on reservation.
The client signing a fixed-term agreement is under no circumstances entitled to remain in the premises after the end of the stay.
The client is requested to contact the owner a few days before arrival to arrange a mutually convenient rendez-vous.
Unless otherwise agreed, the client arrives between 4 and 6 pm on the day specified in the agreement with his payment receipt on which figures the owner’s references. In the event of late arrival or a last-minute delay, the client informs the owner directly (see agreement for telephone number) or, if this is not possible, the Tourist Office.
Services not provided through such delay entail no reimbursement.
Departure time is from 8:00 to 10:30 am on the day in question. A stay is defined as running from Saturday to Saturday, although exceptions may sometimes be made for in-week or weekend stays (please inquire).
For a client who has not taken out a cancellation insurance. 
All cancellations by the client should be made in writing and sent recorded delivery which will entitle him to the following reimbursements  (excluding booking fee) :
- more than 30 days before start of stay, 25% deposit not refunded;
- from 8 to 30 days, 50% of total amount refunded;
- less than 8 days, 10% of total amount refunded;
- no refund is made if the client does not arrive.
Unless due to any delay in arrival, cancellation by the Tourist Office incurs full repayment of all sums paid hitherto and payment of an indemnity equal to the penalty payment for which the client would have been liable if cancellation had been caused by him at the same date. These terms do not however prevent an amicable settlement being reached.
6 - INTERRUPTion of STAY :
If the client interrupts the stay, no refund is made unless the reason for interruption is covered by the client’s cancellation policy.
The agreement covers the maximum number of people accommodated. If the number is exceeded, the supplier may refuse the extra clients. The agreement is then considered terminated through the client’s fault and no refund is payable.
8 - PETS :
Domestic pets can only be admitted in accommodation specifying «un chien» («dog»), provided they cause no damage. If they do, the liability is the client’s.
The client is liable for all damage during his stay. It is advisable to make sure that your travel insurance includes a personal liability clause covering damage to rented holiday accommodation.
Cancellation insurance may be arranged through the Tourist Office at a cost of 2% of the total cost of the stay, and is included in the rental agreement.
The client receives a copy of the terms of such insurance.  The civil professional liability of the Tourist Office is covered by policy n°: 333000492055, AXA COURTAGE, 26 rue Louis Le Grand, 75002 PARIS.
It is agreed that an inventory of the rented premises be carried out jointly by the owner and the client at the beginning and end of the stay.
All loss or damage incurs payment of an indemnity.
On arrival, the client deposits 300 ! by way of guarantee, unless otherwise specified in the catalogue.
You have the possibility to rent sheets and towels from the owner (to be paid locally).
Before leaving, the client pays all excess charges directly to the owner (particularly for heating) and any local holiday tax that may apply.
The client is liable for the cleaning of the premises during the stay and on departure.
13 - CLAIMS :
No claim concerning a rental, an advertised description or an inventory can be entertained by the Tourist Office  beyond day three of the stay.